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In the Middle of Things…

May 13, 2020/

Things have changed rapidly since my last post. Schools are closing, plays and concerts are cancelled or postponed, and trips…

Keep Dreaming

May 10, 2020/

In just a few short months, the world as we know it has changed, perhaps forever. Sheltering-in-place has become the…

Uncharted Territory

March 28, 2020/

It is absolutely mind-boggling to us what is going on with COVID. We are staying inside and have for four…

Leaving Jerusalem

March 13, 2020/

Today is our last day in Jerusalem and we were ready to go at 8:20 after checking out of the…

Amsterdam, anyone?

March 6, 2020/

In the middle of COVID, it may seem crazy, but Scott and I are going to Amsterdam for a tulip-time…

The Rose-Red City

February 19, 2020/

We set the alarm for 2am so we could be ready for our 3am pickup here at our hotel. The…

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