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February 17, 2020/

We were so tired from our long day yesterday, that we decided today would be a rest day. Up late,…

Tel Aviv Promenade

February 15, 2020/

As we were worn out from two long days of touring in the north of Israel, we woke up late,…

Jeep Aroma

February 14, 2020/

Today we went to the Kibbutz Merom Golan and took a tour in a four wheel-drive jeep of the Kibbutz…

Kotel to Hotel

February 11, 2020/

Another full and exhausting day today. We had a long walk to the old city where we went to the…

The Old City

February 9, 2020/

We had the most amazing, exhausting day today with our tour guide Roni Stern. He met us at 8:30am and…

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