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One of our clients purchased trip insurance from the cruise provider. At the time, they did not purchase enough insurance to cover extra days in Paris after the ship docked. We noticed this when they transferred the cruise to us. Luckily, we found a different insurance provider to cover the full amount of the trip that was $300 less than the policy they had originally purchased which just covered the cost of the cruise.

Cruise and tour companies typically offer their own policies. We have found better pricing and higher benefits through our independent suppliers.

*Tag them!


Years ago, cousins of mine who live in Las Vegas picked up their bags at the airport only to find that several items were missing. They were extremely upset until they got a call from some strangers across town who had their suitcase, and wanted their own suitcase back. The suitcases were identical! We always recommend attaching a yarn ball or some other distinctive adornment so you don’t make the mistake my cousins did.

Want track the location of your bags?  We used Apple AirTags on a recent trip and it was so nice to be able to confirm our luggage was with us – even through multiple flight connections. (Don’t have Apple?  Try “Tile” trackers instead.)

*They may be confiscated.


Sometimes we travel with a portable espresso machine to make sure we have good coffee available in our room. When we tried to do that not long ago on a cruise, our machine was confiscated and we got it back at the end of the trip. In addition, we often bring an extension cord that allows multiple USB devices to be charged from one outlet. Imagine our surprise when this was also taken away before boarding a completely different cruise on another line. As it turned out, our newly-remodeled room on the ship had many USB ports and plugs, so there was no need for our extension cord. If you decide to bring such items, however, be prepared for electrical devices other than razors to be confiscated.

*Get it if you can.


We have a Global Entry number, and when we leave the U.S. the GOES number simplifies our reentry. Global Entry uses a separate, much shorter, line from immigration. There is a machine that recognizes you and then you go through the line. You still have to wait for your luggage, but immigration is a breeze. You also get TSA precheck when you get a Global Entry (GOES number).

You should be aware that this process can take quite some time!

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