Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a travel agent and a travel advisor?

Most travel agents work for an organization in a transactional capacity. You’ll usually be given limited pre-packaged options to choose from, “one size fits all”. The goal of a travel advisor is to build a trusting, personal relationship to meet your current and future travel needs. They will have a collective network of travel resources to create experiences customized to you. Think of a financial planner or architect: they will work with you personally before, during and after your journey. They will take the time to get to know you, your goals, dreams and needs and then design a plan made just for you.

Why should I work with a travel advisor?

That’s a common question, especially with today’s internet. You could research and book almost any trip component you want. But of the millions of choices out there, how do you know which are best for you? Even with recommendations from others, you could be missing out on an option better suited to you. And what about options not posted on the web? Have you considered all the logistics of timing and transportation? What if a company is misrepresenting itself? Will you hunt through hundreds of reviews? Think of all the time and effort you’ll have to invest. Most travel advisors have travelled a lot and have learned their lessons the hard way. They have the knowledge and resources to spare you those disappointments.

More importantly, what happens when a problem arises: missed connections, strikes, wasted expenditures on unsatisfactory hotels or tours? Do you know if a travel company is financially sound, or will you have to wait on hold for hours if something goes wrong? Consider the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 and its effect on travel plans and travel companies. A good travel advisor will help you avoid, or see you through, these and many other unforeseen obstacles, often proactively, with a trusted direct and accessible line of communication.

What kind of travel do you specialize in?

Like any good designer, it’s all about your personal tastes and desires. My specialty is finding out what those are, making the process run as smoothly as possible and making every effort to incorporate something unique for you. Aside from my own diverse experience, we’ll have access to a vast network of expertise through my global travel network. Options include outdoor adventure, organized or private tours, cruising of any type, culinary, wellness or golf themed travel, private villas and fully customized itineraries. Travelers include solos of any age, couples, family, multi-generational and groups.

Do you only work with luxury or expensive travel?

No. “Luxury” can be defined in many different ways. I do have direct access to some of the most luxurious accommodations and private amenities for those that have the desire and means. But I am happy to work with more moderate budgets, the luxury being the time you save and the assurance you get the best for your money. For those looking for the best “deals”, know that I do not compete on price, only on service.

Do you charge fees?

Yes. Fees will be based on the complexity of your trip and I am happy to discuss them with you during our first conversation. You can then decide whether to proceed with the planning phase or not. Many behind-the-scenes hours go into discovery, planning and execution of your travel experience, and my priority is meeting, or even exceeding, all of your expectations. I know your time is valuable, and that’s why I offer to handle every aspect of your trip so all you have to do is enjoy it. In the end, clients come to understand that the level of service offered and the time/ effort saved is worth the fee.

Do I have to book the entire trip through you, or can I ask for help with just parts of my trip?

To an extent, I’m here to help you with whatever your needs are. But I work best when crafting a total immersive experience for you, with one destination or experience fitting seamlessly with the next. You can be as hands-on as you want throughout the planning process. I welcome your thoughts on tours, hotels and everything in between. If you’re an inexperienced traveler and want to rely primarily on my expertise and resources, that’s fine too. I’ll happily explain why I think something is the best fit for you.

Will it be more expensive if I book through an advisor?

Not necessarily. While we do charge for our services, the added value of the included amenities we are able to offer often more than offset our fee. The fee ensures that we’re working for you, not pushing you toward unnecessarily expensive companies just because they’ll pay us more commission. We also provide exclusive access online travel agencies can’t offer. You can’t put a price on that.

Any Other Questions?

Email Kip if you’d like to learn more.

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