Who I Am

As a child, I became proficient in Spanish. When I was old enough to travel independently, I explored the world and because I could communicate easily (I also spoke good Italian and a little bit of French!) I was able to find and experience a country’s depth of offerings in a way that tourists usually do not. I soaked up adventures and experiences and continue to do that every time I travel, which is multiple times per year. 

Professionally, I was a school principal, translator, tour guide, and workshop leader and I built my career on effective communication and collaboration, managing logistics, empowering people and enjoying the communities that I served. Meeting new people and using many of the same skills I developed in those positions, translates well to the business of travel. And, you are entrusting me with something special – your time – and you can be sure I manage that conscientiously and responsibly.

The logistics of travel are easy and fun for me and my commitment to detail will allow you to enjoy your vacation more because you don’t have to worry about getting to your next destination or having to wait in a long line to see an amazing museum or sight. No detail is too small and if something goes amiss, I am here to jump in, ready to assist.

Although I specialize in Spain, Europe, Spanish-speaking countries all over the world, and cruises, my clients have happily been everywhere traveling privately and in small or large groups. Whatever you need as a traveler, I am well-prepared to provide!

My affiliation with Travel Planners International and Signature Network allows me access to global travel suppliers and exclusive experiences you won’t find on the internet. There are often additional, significant perks to be had, at no extra charge, when you book through me. If you
are ready to give up endlessly searching on the internet for that elusive travel experience, hotel or trip, I look forward to meeting you and working together to craft something special just for you!


Kip and her husband Scott at Monet's Gardens
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