Sevilla: Bienvenido a España!

Almost there! In the next week, we will be leaving for Europe for our daughter’s wedding in Greece, a oneweek trip to Bulgaria (one of the few places we have not yet visited!) and our group tour to Spain. Having written a little about our plans for the group in Madrid, we can turn out […]

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In the Middle of Things…

Things have changed rapidly since my last post. Schools are closing, plays and concerts are cancelled or postponed, and trips are suffering the same fate. Our cruise in Amsterdam has been cancelled, so we must soon decide how to respond: refund the tickets outright or ask for a postponement to a future date with a

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Keep Dreaming

In just a few short months, the world as we know it has changed, perhaps forever. Sheltering-in-place has become the norm and most of us are trying to do the right thing by staying home and staying safe. But, as we do what is required, we won’t know for a long time how we will

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Uncharted Territory

It is absolutely mind-boggling to us what is going on with COVID. We are staying inside and have for four weeks already. No one knows how much longer – maybe two to four weeks more or even longer. One can only do so much cleaning and cooking and watching TV before feeling bored and restless.

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Leaving Jerusalem

Today is our last day in Jerusalem and we were ready to go at 8:20 after checking out of the Arthur Hotel. We met our guide for today, Ofir, a friend of Ron’s, at Shamai St. at the Harmony Hotel, one of the other Atlas Properties in Jerusalem. He had a big van with extra

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Amsterdam, anyone?

In the middle of COVID, it may seem crazy, but Scott and I are going to Amsterdam for a tulip-time cruise on Ama, in just a few weeks. We’ve decided that we are extra-careful already and will continue being vigilant. For anyone who is not traveling, think of the horrific consequences for people who are

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Our Last Meal in Israel

Got in so late from our 23 hour journey to Petra that we fell into bed and slept straight through til 9am. Had to try breakfast in the David Citadel so we hurried down to a beautiful buffet. There was a predictable selection of salads, shakshuka, halvah, baked goods, hot and cold cereals juices, and

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The Rose-Red City

We set the alarm for 2am so we could be ready for our 3am pickup here at our hotel. The bus driver met us outside and we were ushered into a minivan with about ten others, to a location about 20 minutes out of the city. There we transferred to a very large bus and

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Taking the Train to Jerusalem

Earlier morning, breakfast at the hotel with Frank, Jen and another couple from Toronto that we met. We finished packing and asked the hotel clerk which train station we needed to go to to catch the high speed train to Jerusalem. He said Ha-Shalom, so we got a taxi to the station, which took about

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