Amsterdam, anyone?

In the middle of COVID, it may seem crazy, but Scott and I are going to Amsterdam for a tulip-time cruise on Ama, in just a few weeks. We’ve decided that we are extra-careful already and will continue being vigilant.

For anyone who is not traveling, think of the horrific consequences for people who are in other countries, or who work in travel in any way, who are suffering from the millions of cancellations by people who are reluctant to go on a trip because of the virus. My idea is that we, as travel Advisors, have access to tons of accurate information, and can help guide clients, and ourselves, to continue to lessen the effects of all the people who decide not to go.

We’ll be staying at the beautiful Sofitel Legend in Amsterdam and although we don’t have much time on either end of the cruise, will certainly enjoy being in this wonderful city.

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